Ashwood CDM is a professional consultancy dedicated to offering specialist advice to clients under the CDM Regulations 2007 including acting as CDM Co-ordinator on projects where additional duties apply. In addition we offer Project Management Services on construction projects throughout the United Kingdom.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 places significant duties on those involved in construction work as well as requiring that certain documentation is in place at certain stages in the design and construction stages of projects.

The aim of these Regulations is to make Health & Safety an essential and integral part of the planning and management of projects and to make sure that everyone works together to reduce the risk to the Health & Safety of those who work on the structure, who may be affected by the works, or who will use it as a place of work once it's completed.

The Regulations place significant duties on clients involved in construction projects - the extent of these varies with the type of project involved - and for many projects you will need an advisor available to help you deal with these. On larger projects you are required to appoint this advisor - a CDM Co-ordinator.

Ashwood CDM is able to act as the clients advisor under the CDM Regulations 2007 and as CDM Co-ordinator on larger projects. From our offices in Carlisle and Dumfriesshire we are able to work for clients on projects throughout the United Kingdom.